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The amp settings are a personal style preference. This demo was recorded right after I bought my Fender Blues Junior. I use a reissue Fender Deluxe Reverb with a Jensen C12N an the tone is everything that a working Blues player could want. For clean tones, ala “Lenny”, play with a light touch, possibly rolling the guitar volume back to 8 or 9. Later Fender came out with Blues Junior and the hugely popular Hot Rod series that had their own tones. Long-revered by players of all stripes, the 15- watt Pro Junior IV adds a modified volume circuit and a classic tweed appearance to this workhorse amplifier. . A Powerful Grab-and-go Tube Amp I did try a THD which was a great amp, however I remember it not having reverb and not getting a good true clean, it kept breaking up (very nicely) but I do need a really clean tone at times. A true classic, with that late-night blues tone found nowhere else but in a Fender. So to start off this list is a modest but elegant amplifier, the Fender Hot Rod Blues Junior III. The tone settings on an amp are as important as the settings on the guitar for producing the blues sound. If you’re a beginning or struggling intermediate-level harmonica player, Breakthrough Blues will help you take yourself seriously as a blues musician and performer. It made a crackling sound, then no sound. One of the most-beloved small combo amps in the world, the Blues Junior IV adds modified preamp For a pristine clean sound, it'll give you a ton of sparkle. Virtually every guest raved about the music, which really set the tone for a fabulous evening. BLUES JUNIOR TOP PANEL FUNCTIONS BLUES JUNIORTM INTRODUCTION The Fender Blues Junior is a truly professional, small, tube amplifier. The tone on this little marvel is wonderful, perfect for blues. Blues Jr. Has a few small scuffs but very clean and well taken care of. 9. This is a guest post by Nathan Pieper. The tone is very crisp with a pop. Of course if you love your Blues Junior more power to you. In general, I think a Blues Junior provides audience-quality sounds. Its power is generated by an all-tube signal path using a pair of EL84 Groove Tube output tubes and 3 - 12AX7 preamp tubes. The rhythm guitar part I have the Le Clean set to Cold Fusion and for the lead part I switch over to Hot Fusion. The audio doesn’t really do it justice yet this video has been hugely popular on YouTube for some reason. is a great little tube amp that's very popular among as most amps have a sweet spot where volume and tone kind of meet. This mod fixes that to produce that lush classic reverb tone that made Fender amps famous. Gorgeous clean tones and if you crank it up, it gives a lovely growly overdrive which can be enhanced with a "FAT" switch (essentially a mid-boost). Breakthrough Blues is an online harmonica course designed to get you playing killer blues quicker and more easily than any of my previous methods. Packing tube-powered muscle to handle gigs and an affordable price tag, the Fender Blues Junior III combo is a compact solution for vintage tone, big sound, and plenty of headroom for pedals. Play next; Fender Blues Junior Demo - TONE!!! by Texas Blues Alley. Other non-stocked items are built to order and can be ordered on their respective pages. I gig a Blues Junior with an Eminence Red White and Blues speaker at small-medium shows (we mic everything). Blues amplification starts and ends with Fender amps, thanks to their transparent, dynamic and detailed tonality. The ultimate FBJ. This group is dedicated to those guitar players who own or want one of the greatest guitar amps around: a The Pork Loin plays a massive role in Joe Bonamassa’s bigger-than-life modern blues sound. 99. With their Blues Junior IV 15-watt, 1 x 12" combo, Fender found a way to take one of the most popular all-tube amplifiers of all time and make it even better. It boosts clean signals or distorted, and doesn’t change the tone. The Fender Hot Rod line of guitar amplifiers has achieved cult-like status in recent years, with no amp being more highly regarded than the beloved Blues Junior. Do you have any experience of the akai blues driver. A Limited-edition Vintage Tone Machine! If you're looking for a low-watt tube amp with killer tone, you need to check out the Sweetwater-exclusive Fender Blues Junior III FSR combo guitar Fender Blues Junior will do, and I really mean it, nothing less then very good job when playing hard rock, blues rock and other genres. There just isn't much more to ask for in an amp especially for it's price. The Blues Junior is also an outstanding pedal amp. Get a low price and free shipping on thousands of Love the warmth of valves? The all-valve tone of the ever popular Fender Blues Junior combo amp delivers crisp clear clean sounds. fender blues junior iii & jaguar The Blues Jr. Fender Blues Junior Fans has 1,905 members. More of a rock guy? No problem. He has modified the amp in ways I can’t completely describe, telling me it has a new gain stage. For the Fender Blues Junior, this set will really smooth out the overdriven sound and help give you more clean headroom. Compact size, professional tone, and traditional styling make the Fender Blues Junior ideal for rehearsal, backstage warm-up, and The other Fender Blues Junior I tried belongs to Victor, a guy known to many harp players around Denver and across the country. Standard Strat Nick PLEASE USE HEADPHONES OR GOOD SPEAKERS TO LISTEN TO THIS VIDEO :) This is a tutorial for my 5 Simple Steps to achieving the BEST clean tone from your Amplifier. Amp Settings For Awesome Blues Tone! Not sure how to set up your amp to play Blues? No problem. Last night I upped the reverb to 3 and put the volume at 9 and the tone cleaned up a lot but was still a fat blues tone with great responsive overdriven sounds when playing a little harder, and excellent chords with separation. It also has rich clean tone. III you'll have Fender's "sparkle mod". It offers great warm tone, reliability and classic looks for not a lot of money. For one, it takes the right type of gear. The Blues Junior III is a longtime 15-watt favorite with warm tone ideal for the go-anywhere guitarist who needs to hit the stage or studio at a moment's notice, with great sound and versatile I get usable clean tone from the amp. Reverse "Sparkle Mod" - If you have a Blues Jr. I've narrowed it down to either the fender blues junior or the pro junior. Chicago Blues box sounds like it would be good for breakup - but maybe not for clean too. This is truly a classic, small, loud, all-tube Fender amplifier. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. This amp is incredibly well built and I had far greater expectations for it having been a fan of the hot rod deluxe and the blues junior models but I was highly let down by the tone of this amp. This set will give your Fender Blues Junior a more dynamic sound. The giggity board. Low output set, using JJ EL844 tube to lower the output and headroom. I own a Fender Blues Junior, which is a great little amplifier. 1:55. I had a Blues Junior III once, and I liked the amp okay, but the master volume was a problem. If you’re really into that specific tone, then the 5e3 is for you, if you want to play a wider variety of sounds, maybe a blues junior and a tweed deluxe style pedal might be good. JJ tubes work well in the Blues Junior. They totally rocked the house! The re-designed Fender Blues Junior III is a great choice for someone who wants clean, fat Fender sounds in a small package. How would cutting the c3 affect guitar tone? I mostly play rockabilly, country twang, swing and blues (not so greasy). There are mods you can do to improve the tone. Here you will get. You'll get a bit more headroom before the preamp starts to breakup. Amp EQ I'm playing several guitars with my Texas Red, including a Gibson Es-137, a Gibson Les Paul and a couple of different Fender Strats. Add renowned Fender Breakthrough Blues. In addition, the Fender Blues Junior Lacquered Tweed has a reverb control, so you can dial up the vintage blues sound. Some find the "sparkle mod" to be brittle and ice picky. Because the blues tone isn’t just a less Whether it’s crisp, clear and clean you need, sustained notes that break up at just the right time or all out distorted tones for when the blues gets heavy, you want an amp that can do the job on its own. For rhythm tones, keep the guitar volume on 10, and adjust your attack based on how dirty you want the rhythm tone to be. 1 and it's way too loud. Recently, though, it died at a rehearsal. Note that I have the "blonde" version, but the normal black Tolex version is the same inside. This warm-toned favorite takes our 15-watt, tube preamp and power amp platform and pushes it through a 12" Fender Special Design speaker. I would highly recommend Blues Junior. I have tried other speakers but I always go back to the Jensens. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Fender Limited Edition Blues Junior III 15-Watt 1x12-Inch Guitar Combo Amplifier - Red Nova Two-Tone at Amazon. It is light weight and easy to transport making it a great amp for practice at home. Since then, the Blues Junior has undergone The reinvented Blues Cube series launches the classic 1x12 combo amp into a new era, combining genuine tube sound and response with modern reliability and easy portability. LovePedal Le Lius - 2 levels of very light overdrive (think Tom Petty) Timmy - solid rock - think Foo Fighters Dunlop Fuzz - heavy fuzzy crunch - think Lenny Kravitz In my opinion, the blues junior has a better clean tone but I haven’t found many amps that really capture the 5e3 tone into distortion like Neil uses. I would guess 2005-2010. The clean is great, though not like the DRRI, just a different kind of sweetness. The BJ gets loud. The sound system as well was spot on – clear, clean sound – not too loud -- Perfect. This push button will add midrange to achieve noticeable thickness of tone. I had been through a long search for an amp that could give me classic Fender tone at a reasonable volume AND weight. Think surfing, Dick Dale type stuff. NOS takes Fender's 15W gem and gives it the true vintage . Wasn't sure if the HRD settings in the Gear post would apply here. Just curious as to how everyone sets their Blues Junior to achieve that "Mayer-esque" tone Just picked one up usedlooking for some starting point that will get me close and I'll tweak from there. I ran the V-Twin into the front of the TM18 on its clean channel (1 watt setting, master volume at 7, volume pedal in effects loop and gain just barely begin to break up) and found everything I was ever looking for in my guitar tone at a reasonable volume. Don’t let the size fool you though. Pro Junior IV – $499. Blues guitar has a distinctive sound and tone which can be enhanced by the amp settings. is a great little tube amp that’s very popular among blues guitar players (Warren Haynes uses one in the studio from what I’ve read. This 5 step process works for any The Blues Junior and Pro Junior are not capable of perfectly replicating the classic Fender clean sound for two main reasons: (1) They have EL84, as opposed to 6L6 output valves. If you email Bob at EuroTubes and let him know specifically what you are after, he'll set you up with what you need. A Blues Junior makes a nice platform for gutting out and building a new circuit inside which is my preferred method of modification. One reason I love the old Fender amps is that I can get both. A Tweed-covered Blues Junior. The downside is that it precludes one of my favorite mods, the cathode follower tone stack driver. Settings Have Fun Spinning Those Dials! Blues Junior Settings with Ascending Volume Values Description Posted By Rever b Maste r Middl e Bas s Trebl e FA T Vol. Its golden tones are generated by an all-tube signal path using a pair of EL84 output tubes and three 12AX7 preamp tubes. You could also try changing to power tubes rated for later breakup. It does not suck tone or alter the Blues Junior’s tone in any way when it is off. In the oldest Blues Jr's (made before 1996) the tone is dark, the tone mod brightens up and adds more clean headroom to these first versions of the Blues Jr for a great improvement in tone. - RAT FBJ Handwired Combo with OPR-. Re: Princeton Reverb versus Blues Junior We done a coupla outdoor sets tonight at our city's annual Oktoberfest celebration an' toward the end we let an old friend sit in for several toons. Our "Modern" amp tube kit is designed to produce that classic fender clean, fat mid tones, warm preamp section, with spring reverb sparkle. It has that perfect clean sound, with much depth and character in it. - Clean channel smoother, better harmonic response, less harshness - focussed but smooth mids - Lead channel with improved gain structure, fat high gain settings possible - mid boost will beome mid sooped for improved tone definition in high gain settings Fender Blues Jr amp blonde with oxblood grillcloth. So, with this in mind, we’ve put together our top 5 list of amps perfect for blues. One of the most-beloved small combo amps in the world, the Blues Junior IV receives a fresh new look with this limited run—luxurious Alligator textured vinyl covering and Wheat grille cloth, with tone and reverb that is still pure Fender. List of in stock amps and item available from Carl's Custom Amps. Klon Centaur. Whether you’re looking for an amp for home use, to practice in your bedroom, or an amp to play a gig at the local bar, the only difference is volume. You’ll get lower operating noise, more reliability, and better overall tone. The Klon Centaur’s legendary clean boost transforms a guitar’s natural tone the same way a livestock farmer turns a piglet into a prize-winning porker—by making it bigger, fatter, juicier, meatier and more muscular. Exclusive 12, 8, 5 or 3 Easy Payments on Fender Blues Junior Lacquer Tweed Tube 1x12 15 Watt Combo Amplifier only at AMS! Free 2 Day Shipping and Free Extended Warranty. I don’t have much experience troubleshooting amps, as I’ve had very good luck with all of mine, until just recently. Twin reverb clean is a very high bar. But it also has a "Fat" switch. This is the clean, mid scooped tone of the mid sixties Fender amps that had the controls moved to the front in a black panel. What does it take to dial in really smooth, blues amp settings? I mean like a solid, soulful groove that draws out every note and makes you want to scrunch up your face like Jonny Lang always seems to be doing. If your Blues Jr was made before 2001 the reverb sounds pretty bad. (Like, set it on 1 and you get very little sound, set it on 1. This tube powered machine is the perfect big sound selection. But a player that has time on great amps won't think it is an equal. A compact and straightforward tone machine, this amp is ideal for performing guitarists who need great tone and remarkably touch-sensitive dynamic response. Let your ears decide. “The Fender Blues Junior is a nice amp, but try a” Written on: 11/10/2005 by Tex Wonderful (1 review written) The Fender Blues Junior is a nice amp, but try a Mesa/Boogie Subway Blues if you can get your hands on one. When I need a cleaner tone,I'll simply roll back my guitar's volume knob. This essentially means that by changing the Tone Capsule, the Blues Cube amp can shed its Tweed –inspired tone and assume an entire new personality. (2) They are low powered. Many uniqie amps are listed on this page. It is aimed at achieving the warm, tube-driven tone common in many styles of American blues and blues rock dating back to the 1950s, while remaining both portable and affordable. My focus is the tone, and not the amp itself, but I've carefully chosen only the ones that Fender Blues Junior delivers almost exactly the same (if not the same). Another Fender sound is the “Blackface” tone. It also does a decent job with overdrive. Blues Power set, selected for deep, creamy blues tone. into a cathode follower buffer for the tone stack. The Fender Blues Junior amp has quite quietly established itself as one of the The first group concerns players looking for that signature Fender clean tone. You may also have to further tweak your settings depending on what kind of pedal you are using. The other fantastic thing about this amp is that you can get a fantastic clean sound from it and with this clean tone the addition of pedals sounds fantastic. You'll even get better tone out of your reverb! Modern Rock -. I like clean and sparkly mids and highs (think Chet Atkins or Scotty Moore), twangy and farty lows (think Duane Eddy or Luther Perkins) and wonder how this mod would fit these styles of music. And as a result this amp is a blues and jazz guitarists dream. A Tone Capsule is an integrated DSP device that, when plugged into the amplifier, reconfigures its internal architecture completely to enable a new set of circuit interactions in the Blues Cube. Blues Jr. These pages contain detailed directions to make the unused triode section in a Blues Jr. The best way to describe it is that it doesn’t sound like a fender amp or a vintage amp. I loved the Standard blues junior but the Tweed version had edge for sure. Way before lunchbox amps were ‘a thing’, there was another small 15w amp which many players looked to for practice. I love it. I dial a nice warm clean tone and use pedals. First off, this amp boasts the usual master volume, treble, middle and bass, to sharpen your tone the way you want it. I played his BJr at the Boulder Outlook blues jam last week. B Fender amps johnapopka; 83 videos; Fender Super Champ XD Clean Jazz Tone by rolijen. com. In this lesson I will show you how to set up your amp to get a great Blues guitar sound. There are a lot of them available as used on the internet so you can pick one up for a good price. … The best blues amp gives you good sustain and creamy overdrive. My intention is to show you the examples of the truly great fender amplification tone, both clean and distorted, with Gibson and Fender guitars played through it. These amps can crank. The clean tones on this amp are amazing and pumped it creates some nice gritty  Sep 24, 2014 You won't need much help carrying the Blues Junior - it weighs in at they sound smooth and responsive through such a bright, clear clean  May 29, 2019 This Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, DeVille and Blues Junior guitar amp review Normal brings near-perfect clean tones, where the drive channels  Jan 8, 2015 Fender's Blues Jr. Help me this quest for tone is driving (excuse pun) me into destitution. By that I mean the audience will think it sounds great. Same idea, but it has a more sophisticated tone… Read Full Review Hi Jon, I'm not really an electric player, nor do I know much about these things, but I have had a Blues Junior for several years. He played a dead-stock tweed Blues Pro an' sweet lookin' Oly White 1970 Strat. ) It sounds great right out of the box, and there are also many popular and fairly easy (and some not so easy) modifications to improve the tone even more. Not sure of the year. I have purchased a boss compressor /sustain and have a marshall blues driver ( I know I should use my ears but insecurity is biting me in the bum) Should I buy a boss blues driver. You can get the signature Fender tone from clean to natural tube breakup. This amplifier gives you that distinctive classic Fender tone, only slightly modified to accommodate contemporary blues. The things that are most important to me are that the amp have good clean tone, a decent amount of headroom, and a good master volume that makes it usable at home. Fender Blues Junior - Lacquered Tweed (407) Our Thoughts: This is Lark Guitars' favorite $500-range amp to recommend. This is about as clean as the amp gets and despite the above settings it is not overly bright or lacking mids or bass I seem to keep this basic setting for all my guitars (Tele, Strat, Dano, Fake LP w/P-90's and an Epi335) to give me a nice warm clean tone, and then I use OD pedals tweaked to the guitar I'm playing Favorite Blues Junior Settings I completely get that from the amp. Power Sections: Preamp with three 12AX7 tubes and power amp with two EL84 tubes; Speaker: One 12" Fender Special Design Lightning Bolt speaker by Eminence The Blues Junior is a tube guitar amplifier introduced in 1990 by the Fender Musical Instrument Corporation. many thanks Michael Get the guaranteed best price on Tube Combo Guitar Amplifiers like the Fender Blues Junior Lacquered Tweed 15W 1x12 Combo at Musician's Friend. Clip 2: To show off Hot and Cold Fusion modes, I played a Fender American Professional series Telecaster through a Fender Blues Junior amp and ran the Le Clean as you would any overdrive pedal. The clean boost module adds about as much additional loudness as the Fat switch, but without the bass boost, and it does it at any volume level, all the way up. Change the first preamp tube to a 12AT7. Working guitarists everywhere prize no-frills Hot Rod amps for their great volume, reliability, responsiveness to effects pedals, and affordability.   OK I got no pedals, I just got a Fender Frontman 15G amp, and you know what, for a 15W it kicks butt! Clean, the guitar sounds 50s rock, but put the dirty channel on and my god, metal tones punching out the windows! And the volume is only on 2!!! But what I want is a blues tone a la BB King. Works, sounds great! Serial number B-198797 - I checked with Fender and they did not have any record. NOS takes Fender's 15W gem and gives it the true vintage treatment with tweed covering and a vintage-style 12" Jensen speaker. For lead tones, kick on the overdrive pedal. If not contact me and we can work on modding it! Download free blues presets from exclusive artist signature and Fender created tone settings, community favorites It has tone for everyone - fantastic clean tones, full and rich, with big bottom end and sweet highs, fantastic blues tone, singing and with slight breakup, rock-on rock tone with big bad crunch and monster sustain - and beyond with all the gain boosts engaged - tons of drive!! The Fender Blues Jr is part of the popular Hot Rod series of tube amps from Fender. Show me the best blues amps! 1. 2x 12AX7LPS Sovtek, 1x 12AX7LPS Sovtek Balanced, 2x JJ EL844 Platinum Matched. The amp will clean up just a bit, resulting in a mostly clean tone. Add our renowned Fender Reverb, flexible controls, and We are using the Blues Junior because i t is cheap and has a good foundation to work with. EL84s break up early and in a different-sounding manner than the 6L6s in the vast majority of Fender amps. Hit the bypass on the V-Twin and I’m back to the great HK clean tone. $499. The power indicator lamp on the I don’t have much experience troubleshooting amps, as I’ve had very good luck with all of mine, until just recently. The blues junior has a good clean tone at a variety of volume levels,  Jun 18, 2012 How do I sound get SRV tone with my gear? or countless others, give them a Squire Stratocaster plugged into a Fender Blues Junior A straight clean boost into a cranked Fender amp will sound OK, but will lack some of  Buy Fender Blues Junior IV 15 Watt Electric Guitar Amplifier: Combo Amps I'm older and like a clean sound with an occasional effect, mostly on the cleaner  Also, how much better is the jensen speaker in the NOS blues junior? I have trouble get a good clean sound at loud volumes though, my . I think that the addition of the Jensen speaker is what makes a HUGE difference to this amp. I know it has stock tubes and speaker. The power indicator lamp on the Fender’s Blues Jr. Jul 31, 2013 Using a pedal with a great clean tone in front of it will also make the pedal If you want to learn my take on blues guitar, check out my Premium Blues I have two 15watt Fender Amps (Blues jr and Princeton Reverb) and still  The Blues Jr. These are universal truths of blues amps. The Stock Amps Main PCB and Valve Holder PCB has been removed and replaced with a RAT Custom Made Eyelet Board and Valve Board, then 'Point-to-Point' Handwired into the Amp Chassis. Going far beyond modeling, Roland’s Tube Logic design philosophy starts with carefully reproducing the inner workings of the The Blues Junior is light, keeps things simple and has fantastic clean tones Controls Since its introduction in 1995, Fender's Blues Junior has become one of the world's most popular amps, but along the way it's also become one of the most modded, with reams of forums discussing ways to 'improve' the compact combo. It takes pedals well. Hopefully, this will give you a better idea of how to set your guitar amp for blues. Brian’s set lists reflected the input of the bride and groom and their performance was superb. The Fender Blues Junior, launched in 1995, offered users a perfect combination of portability, size and – most importantly – tone. For ideas about modifiying your blues junior Using a pedal with a great clean tone in front of it will also make the pedal sound much better. I bought this Blues Junior in December 2007 and it immediately became one of my favorite amps. You'll still find the same conveniently giggable size, pedal-friendly character, and ideal volume that make the line so successful. With 18 Grammys, his record 3-time induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and being one of the top 5 Rolling Stone greatest guitarist of all time, he is a rarity even among legends, and these are just a few of his extraordinary accomplishments. The tube warmth in the Junior III is true to the signature Fender amp sound, keeping the tone standards high, while cutting costs elsewhere. LTD takes Fender's 15W gem and gives it the true vintage treatment with a lacquered tweed covering and a vintage-voiced 12" Jensen speaker. Thanks to the Fender Blues Junior III – a 15-Watt, 12-inch amp with “lightning bolt” speaker and simple overall features – you can now enjoy a clean vintage tone that gives you the perfect platform to add custom effects. It is regarded as a high-quality, simple and portable tube amp for stage or studio use. I play blues and The Biggest-sounding Blues Junior Yet. I have a blues junior and it’s blown out twice, and it’s really way loud for me, even with the master control. Masters less than 3 to avoid peeling the paint off the walls. 90% as good as the fender at low levels for less than half the price (on ebay) of the So there you have it. tone n' Tubes Blues Jr Settings I have hosted online a list of settings for the blues junior from the FDP. How to Adjust Amp Settings for the Best Blues Electric Guitar Tone. I even have them in my 68 Princeton Reverb, my 57 Deluxe and my Pro Junior. Marshall Studio The Fender Blues Junior is a simple setup, which makes it ideal for players who rely heavily on their pedalboard and just need a reliable clean signal. The Fender Blues Junior is like a smaller version of the famed Hot Rod Deluxe and Deville amps, right down to the cosmetics! It features 15 watts of tube EL84 power, and it has a single channel with basic EQ as well as a "fat" switch (which pumps up the midrange and gain a bit) and onboard reverb as well. Excellent condition and sounds great. These amps deliver unmistakable Fender tone and are a tried and true platform for guitarist to build their own tone and style. I’ll also point out the number one mistake that most guitar players make when they start setting up their amps to play Blues. The Blues Junior also has great bass response for an amp of it’s site. The EL-84 output tubes provide fat mids, the 12AX7 preamp tube provides warm overdrive, and real springs provide onboard reverb. Fender Blues Junior PR 295 guitar tube amp in very good clean condition. so I went back to my Roland Cube 30, and finally figured out the trick is to ignore the effects and run pedals thru the JC clean channel…WOW. Just recorded with my cheap camcorder. Achieve the sound and tone you're searching for with Fender's redesigned Mustang Amp and the new Fender Tone app. We acan get a Blues Jr for an unlimmited time to do these 5-6 min demo's and he "feesl" his Cube (SS clean tone) will do a much better job - hence our argument ! I want to show him this thread and make him see the light ! Keep 'em comming ! James handwired fender blues junior. Note s Texas Blues Ramon 4 2 5 10 11 In 3 Blues 2 Doug 4 5 5 7 6 In 3 Roadhouse Clean Jesper Hansen 4 7 5 7 10 Out 3 Am. Of the many revered giants in the world of guitar, Eric Clapton stands high. The Fender Blues Junior is one of the most popular low watt tube amps on the planet. There are ‘collector’ models with tweed or different cases but they all have the same circuit and tubes. Sovtek replacement tubes kit for the Fender Blues Junior. The Fender Blues Junior Lacquered Tweed combo amplifier is more than just a 15-watt tube amp - it's a vintage tone machine! Complete with a killer lacquered tweed covering, this amp will floor you with its depth of character. The upside is, whereas the cathode follower tone stack driver is great for blues and rock, the parallel triodes mod is optimal for robust, round clean tone. ) The Fender Blues Junior is a 15 watt el84 driven gem of an amp. The bass response on the Blues Deluxe Reissue is just what the doctor ordered, especially if you plan on using pedals in front of it. On noiseless Fender single coils, you've got about 7 volume notches of clean before the breakup gets It is a very sweet amp with a very sweet clean Fender tone, but really good only for small intimate club settings or studios. But it also serves as a killer pedal platform to ta The Blues Jr. Fender - Blues Junior III FSR 1 x12″ 15-Watt Black Paisley with Eminence Governor In Stock At Sam Ash Canoga Park View All Items At This Location. blues junior clean tone

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